What is Muslim Census?

“A census is the procedure of acquiring and recording information about members of a given population.”

Muslim Census is an independent organisation dedicated to using data to identify and highlight individual issues faced by the UK Muslim community. We achieve this by championing our three pillars:

Data: Your participation in surveys helps collect data, otherwise scarce, needed for effective response. Our surveys range from online, physical and interview-based to ensure we get diverse and appropriate samples from our community.

Awareness: Led by data, we can highlight the extent of issues impacting our communities. We present our findings in the form of articles, reports, audio and presentations to ensure our community gains valuable insight.

Empower: Leveraging data and awareness, we can support effective actions in the UK Muslim community. Both the public and organisations can use our data to initiate conversations empowering the community to be better equipped for action.

Also, it is worth clarifying we are not here to collate the information of approximately three million Muslims within the UK and we are not a governing body that will ourselves lead change. Rather, we are here to collect diverse samples that reflect the wider community and publish findings to empower action.

The need for data

The problem is that with the many different issues Muslims are facing within the UK, there is little data to understand to what extent the issues exist. The issues that arise from this lack of data vary from being unaware of issues, ineffective response, inability to measure progress and the needs of the people being ignored. Moreover, using generic UK data leads to a disregard for the nuances of the religion and cultures of our UK Muslim community.

Our ‘Data, Awareness and Empower‘ pillars provide value to the Muslim community in a way that has not been done before in the aim of tackling the problems mentioned.

We understand the importance of anonymity when it comes to conducting surveys and publishing data. All data and responses recorded by Muslim Census are entirely anonymous, with no personal or identifiable information being collected. Examples of questions we ask are:

– What is your ethnicity?

– Have you ever attended an Islamic talk or khutbah about Black people in Islam?

The data collected by Muslim Census will be published publicly, to serve our pillars of raising awareness and empowering action.

We have no intention of collecting data or personal information for the purpose of selling to third parties. More details can be found on our privacy policy.

We understand the importance of transparency on this matter and welcome questions for further assurance.

The team

Sadiq Dorasat


Sadiq holds a BSc in Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London and has two years of experience working within Wealth and Digital at a global bank. Specialising in data and research, Sadiq identified the lack of data within the Muslim community and created the vision for Muslim Census. Currently, Sadiq is responsible for conducting research, writing reports and community outreach alongside leading the strategy and vision of the organisation.

Mohammed Uddin


Mohammed specialises in performance marketing, with particular focus on B2B, having previously led the strategy and execution of performance campaigns in EMEA for Oracle, Cisco and Amazon Web Services. At Muslim Census, Mohammed is leading the tech adoption and content production, as well as contributing to the wider strategy for the organisation.