[Press Release] Muslims are falling into poverty at ten times the rate of UK-wide estimates as a result of COVID-19

  • Job loss amongst Muslims is six times greater than the national rate since the pandemic
  • 35% of working Muslims are in key worker roles – 13% higher than the UK average
  • 42% of Muslims have used their savings to cover expenses due to the pandemic

The economic fallout of the pandemic has disproportionately affected the lives of Muslims in the UK. Muslim Census have launched a new report titled ‘Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Muslim Community’, where 1,000 British Muslims across the country were surveyed to understand the economic impacts faced as a result of the coronavirus.

The report scrutinises key areas such as employment, expenses and poverty, and how they have all been affected after the lockdown and global pandemic. In the research conducted, Muslim Census found 1 in 4 Muslims have been placed on the furlough scheme, 42% of Muslims have had to use their existing savings to cover expenses and 27% of Muslim women have had additional caring responsibilities impacting their ability to work.

With many previous reports stating that the pandemic could potentially widen the income, savings and employment gap for minority groups across the country, this study is crucial in understanding how the Muslim community has been affected.

Sadiq Dorasat, a co-founder of Muslim Census, said “This study has only highlighted the severity of impact that COVID-19 has had on Muslims in the UK. There must be an urgency from the government and organisations to react and support the recovery of Muslims and other minority groups in this country. Neglecting these findings has the potential to further widen the economic gap and lead to serious consequences.”

Muslim Census has conducted this study to provide insight and data so that organisations and individuals can start to formulate effective responses. As such, we encourage such responses to avoid the pandemic further forming a chasm between the average living standard and that of Muslims in the UK.

To read our full report, please visit ‘The Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Muslim Community


Sadiq Dorasat, co-founder, is available for interview – sadiq.dorasat[at]muslimcensus.co.uk


Muslim Census is available for comment on this study. Please contact team[at]muslimcensus.co.uk

Notes for Editors

  • Muslim Census is the source of community-led data, empowering individuals and organisations to effectively respond to issues within the UK Muslim community
  • Muslim Census is an entirely independent organisation
  • Our full report is titled ‘Financial Impact of COVID-19 on the Muslim Community
  • This study has been supported by the charity, National Zakat Foundation who are a charity that provide aid and zakat to Muslims living in the UK