Privacy-first approach

Muslim Census acknowledges the importance of data protection and is committed to adopting “privacy by design”. By default, we avoid collecting personal/identifiable data as much as possible, in our surveys and on our website.

Our purpose

Muslim Census is a grassroot organisation collecting survey data from Muslims in the UK, on topics impacting them and the wider community.

Muslim Census may selectively collaborate with organisations/individuals to conduct surveys but will do so transparently, remain objective in the research and limit contribution on the publishable work. All findings from these surveys are published at

Data collected and usage

We do not ask for, collect or store any personal information or identifiable information which can cater profile-building, as part of our survey data collection.

Across multiple widgets on the website, visitors are able to voluntarily submit an email address which subscribes them to a mailing list. Subscriptions will predominantly be for the purpose of occasional updates and survey distribution. Each widget is accompanied by a clear statement of purpose and specifies duration where relevant.

By default, web hosting providers generate log files of unfiltered views of web traffic; which may include date, time, file downloads and generic information about the device. Muslim Census envisages accessing these only for the purpose of identifying issues on the website.

Our website uses Google Analytics; cookies are stored on your device to facilitate an analysis of the use of our website. The information generated by these cookies, such as time, place and frequency is transmitted to and stored by Google. As a measure of anonymisation, Muslim Census employs “anonymizeIp” to ensure IP addresses remain anonymous and unidentifiable – in compliance with GDPR.

No sharing of data

As we don’t collect any personal data, there is no concern around misuse or unwanted sharing of data. Similarly, with our email subscribers; we do not share lists with any third-party organisation/individual – all emails will solely be from Muslim Census with the intent of updates and sharing new surveys.

Communication control

All of our emails feature an “Unsubscribe” button which will remove the recipient from the intended mailing list. 30 days following our email service provider will remove the unsubscriber from their system – as per their privacy policy.

Data storage and duration

All email addresses are securely handled by our email service provider. Currently, Mailerlite is our provider of choice. The privacy policy and GDPR compliance can be found on their website.

We will hold your email address for the duration of the purpose it was intended.

Twice a year Muslim Census will performance an email engagement audit and remove unresponsive subscribers.


Muslim Census is committed to handling complaints with discretion. Please email with any complaints or questions.

Further complaints can be sent to the ICO.

Changes to Privacy Policy

Muslim Census endeavours to update and review this privacy policy regularly. The last review and update of this policy was on the 8th August 2020.