Community Manager – Volunteer

Application Deadline: 15/10/2021

About Muslim Census

Muslim Census is an independent organisation that gathers insights from Muslims living in the UK to clarify the true sentiments of the Muslim community. With that insight, the opportunity can arise to identify, analyse and work to resolve the biggest issues. Through our work, Muslim Census is fast-becoming one of the lead organisations that brings attention to the experiences of Muslims in this country.

Having launched in July 2020, our reports have been read in the tens of thousands and we have been featured and mentioned in places such as The Guardian, Parliamentary debate, Al Jazeera and many more media platforms. We have also collaborated with the NHS, charities and start-ups in supporting projects aimed at Muslims. Our aim is to continue building our presence and our value to the community.

There are over 3.3million Muslims living in the UK; it is about time we have our own source of community-led data that understands the nuances of our faith.

About the role

We are looking for an enthusiastic Community Manager to join our management team. Your aim will be to direct the vision and build the community engagement of Muslim Census. This includes building the strategy to gaining responses, running the social media accounts, working on collaborations and creating ideas for events/workshops. This will all be with the support of co-founders Mo and Sadiq!

What you’ll be doing

  • Your main focus will be to increase the following, subscriber base and survey samples for Muslim Census. This will be done through your own ideas.
  • You’ll collaborate and form partnerships with other organisations and individuals that can support the work we do.
  • You’ll influence the vision and direction of Muslim Census as an organisation.

What you’ll need

  • A passion for bettering the lives of Muslims in the UK
  • A free thinker that is not scared of building out creative ideas
  • Great at building relationships and experience in managing projects
  • There will be an expectation for you to commit to the role for a minimum of 6 months whilst also dedicating approximately 4-8 hours per week to Muslim Census tasks (Depending on projects)


Put simply, you can use your skills to benefit the millions of Muslims living in the UK. We also believe in giving responsibility to our team and thus, the opportunities for growth are vast. Previous volunteers have used the experience gained at Muslim Census to gain scholarships, grants and full-time roles.

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