Islamophobia and the government

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Less than 5% of Muslims say they trust the government

  • 8 out of 10 Muslims are dissatisfied with the government
  • 92% of Muslims believe Islamophobia exists within the government

There are approximately three and a half million Muslims that currently live in the UK. Of the growing concerns for this diverse community, one is the danger of the rising Islamophobic climate across the country. It has led to several grassroots organisations and individuals, both Muslim and non-Muslim, calling for action and support from the government. 

In this report, through the responses of 1,000 Muslims living across the UK aged 16-64+, we uncover the sentiments of British Muslims towards the government and their action, or lack thereof, in tackling Islamophobia. We detail insights into aspects of the Muslim community that has never been previously explored in this manner. The participants were asked several questions that cover a comprehensive set of topics including; the definition of Islamophobia, trust of the government, and how do Muslims typically engage in politics.

Click below to see our summary report and data dashboard.